Online Student Services

Miller-Motte College Online Programs are committed to providing students with everything they need to successfully earn their degree. When going to college online, it's important to use as many resources as you can. Take advantage of all we have to offer in terms of resources, advising, tutoring and much more. Explore this page to view all the tools involved in attending college online at your fingertips. MMC Student Services Include:

Advising & Tutoring

Counseling services and advising are available to all students who enroll in college online to assist students in resolving educational, career and vocational problems. To assist during stressful times, Miller-Motte College Online Programs offer tutoring at no additional charge on an as-needed basis.

Career Development

The primary purpose of career development is to help Miller-Motte College Online Program graduates obtain employment in their areas of specialization.

Technical Requirements

Find out if your computer has the correct hardware and software required to participate in Miller-Motte College online courses.

Online Communities

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