Posted on February 15, 2016

Cosmetology at Miller-Motte Technical College in Clarksville, TN: Student Spotlight – Megan Dickson

Miller-Motte student Megan Dickson knows that Cosmetology is more than just hair and makeup. When people feel good about how they look they light up, their confidence grows and they’re ready to take on the world. Megan is following her Cosmetology dreams at MMTC so that she can change lives for the better, including her own.

Megan had been cutting her daughters’ hair for years, and although she was fulfilled by being a mom, she wanted to help support her family with a career that would allow her to work from home on her own schedule. Megan also wanted a program that she could finish quickly. More than anything, Megan wanted to be a good role model for her kids.

With three little girls, a brand new baby boy and a husband in the military, Megan knows all too well how hard it can be to juggle a family while working towards a new career. Finding babysitters, figuring out financial aid and planning for a fourth baby hasn’t been easy, but she’s so happy she’s doing it. 

“I know there are things you can’t control, believe me I know. I have 4 kids. They get fevers and they can’t go to school or they can’t be watched and I need to stay home…Just do everything you can. If you can do more, then do more. It’s going to be hard work, but it’s always worth it.”

Starting on the path towards a new career can be a challenge, but Megan hasn’t let it stop her. She has been on the Dean’s List and recently won a Matrix “Imagine All You Can Be” scholarship that will help her pay for schooling and childcare before she graduates in July. Megan looks forward to getting licensed as soon as she graduates so that she can get straight to work, giving her husband his own chance to go back to school.

Cosmetology is Looking Good

Cosmetology is a great career choice for someone like Megan who wants a job with a flexible schedule that allows them to work full-time or part-time in a salon, spa, resort or even out of their own home. 

Everyone wants to feel proud of how they look and they need Cosmetologists to help them find the perfect style. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for Cosmetologists will grow 10% by 2024. Cosmetologists can enter into a variety of careers in beauty and wellness and may be responsible for:

  • Cutting, coloring, treating and styling different types of hair
  • Applying makeup 
  • Recommending hair and skin care products 
  • Marketing and advertising their services
  • Maintaining a schedule and other business records

In Miller-Motte’s Cosmetology program, you’ll get real-world knowledge taught by experienced industry professionals with hands-on training in our onsite salon. When you graduate, you’ll be prepared to pursue the career of your dreams and look good while doing it!

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Call an Admissions Representative today to discover why Miller-Motte Technical College’s Cosmetology program is the right choice for you and your future. When you’re ready to enroll, our Financial Services Team is here to help you discover different ways to pay for school, including scholarships and financial aid for those who qualify. 

If you’re ready for a career in Cosmetology but you’re worried about going back to school, don’t hold back. Take Megan’s advice: “Try as hard as you can, it’s definitely worth it.”

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