Posted on November 29, 2016

We are excited to announce the graduation of Lauren Lamphier from our Massage Therapy program. Lauren passed her licensure exam and is ready to start a new career. 

Lauren lost her vision as a young adult a few years ago. She was determined to not let that stop her from being a successful, independent adult. Her mother enrolled in the Massage Therapy program a module prior to Lauren so that she could help to tutor and assist her with her studies. 

Working with Lauren proved to be a challenge for faculty since nobody had ever worked with a student with Lauren's needs. But the Miller-Motte team rose to the challenge. Each member of the massage therapy team, led by our Program Director, Lara Fritz, created innovative lessons in class that not only allowed Lauren to be successful, but also afforded her peers a unique opportunity to learn using various modalities. 

Throughout Lauren's program there were tears of frustration and joy. Alongside her each day was her service dog that quickly became an honorary member of the MMC family too. From admissions to Financial Services to faculty and staff, everyone on campus knew Lauren and were touched by her drive and determination. We are thrilled that we were able to be a part of something that has helped to change her life.

“If there are obstacles in your life, don’t let them deter you from what you want to accomplish,” said Lauren. “Just because a person may have a disability in their life, it should not define who they are.  You can still make your dreams come true with perseverance and motivation.  I feel that the Miller-Motte faculty was very supportive and encouraging.  My classmates were great as well.”

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