Posted on June 9, 2017

CDL Employer Testimonial: Schneider

Henry 02.jpgTerrence Henry, the southeast recruiter for Schneider, is a big fan of Miller-Motte’s four-week CDL program. He believes Miller-Motte’s program gives a new driver the time they need so they can continue to work on essential skills. “That’s a huge benefit you guys offer over some of the other training programs where it’s such a fast pace, where if somebody is behind, they absolutely miss it,” he says. 

He also likes that Miller-Motte’s instructors bring him in early to meet students so he can keep tabs on their progress. In fact, one student Henry met early on is now a Schneider employee and the first-ever winner of Schneider’s New Driver Award of Excellence. He notes that he isn’t looking for perfect skills in a new driver, but coachability and enthusiasm.

Henry hopes that anyone interested in driving stays enthusiastic. “The industry is about 65,000 drivers short…so this is a window of opportunity for so many people,” he says. At Miller-Motte, we agree. Here, you’ll find the training and the time you need to move forward with a career you’ll love.