Online Course Options May Be Available 

Students attending Miller-Motte College-Cary may have the opportunity to take some courses in their program of study in an online format. Miller-Motte College-Cary has engaged in a third-party distance education consortium agreement with Miller-Motte College, Wilmington, NC. Miller-Motte College, Wilmington, NC serves as the host institution for all Miller-Motte College institutions owned and operated by Ancora Education. This agreement enable students enrolled in an eligible program of study to register for online courses that apply toward the academic requirements of Certificate, Diploma or Degree programs delivered by the home institutions. Students taking online courses delivered by Miller-Motte College, Wilmington, NC may be comprised of students enrolled at other Ancora Education post-secondary schools, located in other cities and states.

All online courses offered by the campus through this consortium agreement have been deemed as equivalent in content and quality to same courses offered via traditional, campus-based delivery methods. Ground students who take online courses offered by the host institution, as a result of the consortium agreement, are limited to taking no more than 49 percent of their program of study in the distance learning format. Students who take an online course are required to complete an online orientation program to assure readiness to navigate the Learning Management System and to engage in the distance learning activities.

Every effort is made to provide students with flexibility in class schedules and instructional formats.

However, courses that are offered on ground as well as those that are offered online are subject to change without notice.  Students may be required to take a course in either format in order to complete their program of study by their on-time scheduled graduation date.