Start a New Career with Cosmetology Training at Miller-Motte College Jacksonville, NC

Do you enjoy doing other people's makeup? Do your family and friends seem to always come to you when they need help getting ready for a special occasion? If you’d like to turn your talent into a career, then the Cosmetology program at Miller-Motte College in Jacksonville, North Carolina will put you on the right track.

With Miller-Motte College Jacksonville, you can earn your Cosmetology Certificate and be on your way to a new career in as little as 10 months. The Cosmetology classes included in this program will provide you with the education and training needed to transform your hobby into an enjoyable career.

The Cosmetology program at Miller-Motte College has helped students from the Jacksonville, Richlands and Beulaville areas of North Carolina hone their skills and prepare for the workforce. We can help you, too!

Manicurists and Pedicurists 13%

Projected job growth 2016 - 2026*


We provide our graduates with Career Assistance.


We’ll help you every step of the way making enrolling simple and stress-free.

How to Become a Cosmetologist with Miller-Motte College

In our Cosmetology program, you will learn how to help people look their best. You’ll gain experience properly mixing hair dyes, applying makeup and performing nail treatments. This program will also provide you with real world experience in one of our on-site spas, so you can feel confident in your ability to apply what you’ve learned.

Cosmetology program courses include the following:

  • Cosmetology Fundamentals: You will learn hair sculpture, hair design, chemistry and nail art in this series of three classes, providing you with a solid foundation in Cosmetology skills.
  • Salon Experience: This course gives you the opportunity to practice the basic, intermediate and advanced Cosmetology techniques you have learned in our simulated salon setting.
  • State Board Preparation: As you near the end of the program, you learn how to obtain and maintain your North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art license. 

For more detailed information on the courses Miller-Motte College offers in this program, download our Course Catalog.

How Your Cosmetology Training Can Work for You

Once you have completed training in the field of Cosmetology at Miller-Motte College Jacksonville, you will be prepared to sit for the state board certification. When you have met the requirements, you will have access to a range of exciting opportunities. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for Cosmetologists is predicted to increase 13% by 2026.

Below are other potential career opportunities available to you after graduation:

Nail Technician

With a career as a Nail Technician in a spa or salon, you will be able to provide cosmetic hand and foot care for your clients. You will skillfully shape, decorate and polish clients’ nails to create their desired look.


While working as a Hairstylist in a salon, you will boost your clients’ self-confidence by helping them look their best every day. In addition, you will regularly meet new people and form new relationships as you talk with your clients. With your expert advice, they will also learn the best ways to take care of their hair at home.


As a Cosmetologist, you can become a trendsetter in the beauty industry. You will be able to refresh not only the appearance of your clients, but their confidence as well. You will become an expert in hair removal, makeup application and wig dressing services.

Learn More About Cosmetology at Miller-Motte College Jacksonville

It’s time to turn what used to be a hobby into a fruitful career. At Miller-Motte College Jacksonville, our experienced instructors will inspire you and help you get hands-on experience to prepare you for the field. Call us today at 800.705.9182 or click here to learn more about how to become a Cosmetologist.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Barbers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists, on the Internet at (visited July 07, 2018).