Start Your New Career with Paralegal Training at Miller-Motte Technical College in Macon, GA!

If you’re interested in law and want to be an important part of a legal team, have you considered a career as a Paralegal? With training from Miller-Motte Technical College, you could be on your way to a new career in as little as 18 months with your Associate of Occupational Science degree.

This Paralegal program is a Hybrid track program. What does this mean for you? You will take most of your coursework online with video, audio and text-based lessons and interactive discussion groups. You’ll then spend a few hours each week at the campus for face-to-face training. It’s the best of both worlds, for your convenience.


We’ll help you every step of the way making enrolling simple and stress-free.


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Day & Evening Classes Available

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Courses You’ll Take in Our Paralegal Program

Our Paralegal training program combines three things to help you succeed: classroom instruction, hands-on learning and real world experience. Plus, with the help of our qualified instructors, you’ll graduate with the skills you need to be a success in the field.

Here are a few of the Paralegal courses you'll take to complete your Paralegal Associate of Occupational Science degree:

  • Introduction to Legal Systems: This course provides an overview of the U.S. legal system. The course introduces and develops terminology and concepts related to the origins and history of U.S. law, substantive and procedural criminal and civil law, the courts, and constitutional and legislative trends and developments in the law.
  • Legal Research: This course introduces students to the process of conducting legal research using electronic and library resources. Primary and secondary sources of law are identified, explained and applied. Students learn how to conduct research on constitutional, statutory and case law, using the IRAC process. Proper citation form and Shepardizing are also discussed and applied.
  • Criminal Law: This course provides an overview of substantive criminal law including crimes against the person, crimes against property and crimes against public order and morality. The course identifies and analyzes common defenses to crimes. Mens rea, actus reus, and concurrence are also discussed.

Near the end of your Paralegal and Legal Secretary training, you’ll complete an externship at a local business. This not only gives you the opportunity for in-field, hands-on training, but will provide you with the work experience hiring employers are looking for.

Download our Course Catalog to learn more about the courses offered in our Paralegal program.

Paralegal Career Opportunities

By earning your Paralegal Associate of Occupational Science Degree, you’ll be able to pursue several different careers:

  • Legal Secretary: As a Legal Secretary, you will help research laws and statutes and prepare legal documents like subpoenas, summonses and more. Legal Secretaries work in law firms, government agencies or businesses.
  • Paralegal/Legal Assistant: Paralegals perform crucial tasks for lawyers by conducting legal research and preparing legal documents. Using your knowledge of the U.S. court system and legal software, you’ll be an important part of the legal team, keeping your law office running smoothly.
  • Claims Examiner: Claims Examiners work for health and life insurance companies. You’ll be responsible for reviewing complex insurance cases to determine things like whether a claim should be approved and the amount of compensation owed.

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