Looking for an Online Criminal Justice Program? Look No Further.

Are you interested in protecting and serving the people in your community? If so, an online criminal justice program may be right for you. At Miller-Motte Technical College, you could earn your Criminal Justice Associate of Applied Science Degree in as little as 18 months.

With the guidance of our qualified instructors, you’ll graduate with knowledge and experience that could help you stand out from other job applicants.

Job Growth 12%

Projected, 2012 - 2022*


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Why Choose Miller-Motte Online Criminal Justice Courses?

By earning your Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice, you’ll learn how to play an important role in the American justice system. You’ll use your knowledge and skills to help those in need and bring criminals to justice. Some of the courses you’ll take in our Criminal Justice program include:

  • Information Security & Cyber Crime: This course explains the role of the criminal justice professional within information security including an understanding of cybercrime, cyber-victimization and cyberterrorism as well as forensic investigations and information security risk assessment.
  • Criminal Investigations: This course explores the theory and scope of criminal investigation as well as the duties and responsibilities of the investigator such as developing intelligence, investigations and the law, interview and interrogation, and investigative report writing. Other areas of concentration consist of investigating homicide and wound scenes, sexual assaults, gang crime scenes, robbery and property crimes, computer crimes, and drug crime scenes. The techniques and strategies used in investigation and basic crime scene processing, identifying, collecting, and preserving evidence are also addressed.
  • Introduction to Law Enforcement: This course will study America’s history of law enforcement to present day operations. The course covers the creation of law enforcement in America, the evolution of training, the role of law enforcement officials in society, common operating policies and procedures, modern day challenges for law enforcement professionals, organizational components and processes, the administration of justice and the overall health and well-being of law enforcement professionals.

While taking Criminal Justice courses online, you’ll still have access to personalized attention to help you succeed academically. At Miller-Motte Technical College, we offer advising and tutoring services to online students at no extra charge. To learn more about our online classes, download our Course Catalog.

Careers in Criminal Justice

When you graduate with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice, you’ll have valuable skills that will help you find a job you’ll love. You’ll be able to pursue opportunities in careers like:

Security Guard
As a Security Guard, you will be essential to maintaining the security of your community. This could include monitoring surveillance equipment, patrol buildings to check for suspicious activity and ensure building entrances and exits are locked and secure.

Correctional Officer and Jailer
Correctional Officers and Jailers work in penal or rehabilitative institutions, making sure prisoners follow regulations and rules. You could also guard prisoners as they are transported between different prison facilities and the courtroom.

Court Clerk
If you work as a Court Clerk, you will communicate with both sides of the aisle—both lawyers and witness—to let them know when they need to be in court. You’ll help keep everything in the court room organized while performing clerical duties like securing documents and recording court proceedings.

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*Program availability depends on student’s state of residence.
**Students who have earned an Associate degree in Business Administration at Miller-Motte College Wilmington or another accredited institution of higher education may request an evaluation of credits earned and have the opportunity to be awarded up to 90 quarter credit hours of transfer credit toward the completion of the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.
This online program is offered via the Miller-Motte College Wilmington, NC and Miller-Motte Technical College Conway, SC campus.