Start Your Electronic Medical Records Training Online to Begin a New Career in the Healthcare Industry

Work well with numbers? Enjoy working with people? Want a career in the field of Electronic Medical Records but don’t have the time to attend college in person? If so, starting your Electronic Medical Records training online may be the right choice for you.

At Miller-Motte, you can earn an Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Medical Records online in as little as two years! Our online training can help you prepare for a great career. We currently service students in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Mississippi.


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Why Choose Miller-Motte’s Electronic Medical Records Program?

Earning an Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Medical Records (also known as Electronic Health Records or EHR) will make you a vital member of the healthcare industry. Our experienced instructors and top-notch training can give you an edge in the job market with valuable classes such as:

  • Registries and Statistics: This course will teach you how to present data and to compute and interpret healthcare statistics—foundational knowledge that will help you to understand vital healthcare information.

  • Medical Insurance: In this course, you’ll learn how the medical industry works. Classes will discuss topics such as Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE and Workman’s Compensation.

  • Health Information Systems: In this course, you’ll do an in-depth study of the content, storage, control, retrieval and retention of healthcare information.

For additional information on our Electronic Medical Records program, download our Course Catalog.

Potential Careers with EHR Specialist Training

It can be difficult to find a career that you enjoy and can count on for job security. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 22% growth in demand for Health Information Technicians with EHR expertise by 2022, making it a great, secure career choice. After completing training in the field of Electronic Medical Records, you’ll be qualified for positions like:

Patient Record Manager

Patient Record Managers keep patient records accurate and confidential. As even small errors in patient health records can cause huge problems, Patient Record Managers have to be extremely observant and detail-oriented. They also keep track of evolving health information laws and changes in software technology.

Medical Records Technician

As a Medical Records Technician, you’ll be a highly valued member of the team. You’ll manage and maintain electronic medical records to ensure accuracy and privacy. As more and more medical practices switch to electronic records, the need for those with the proper training is likely to increase, meaning this is a good career for those looking for long-term job stability.

Health Information Clerk/Medical Records Clerk

A Health Information Clerk, or Medical Records Clerk, keeps track of continually changing healthcare requirements, laws and standards. In this position, you’ll put together patient information so that it can be processed, reported and maintained. Your dedication and attention to detail will ensure that all patient information is handled according to government healthcare guidelines.

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