Get Online Management Training and Start an Exciting Career in the Field of Business

Have you always wanted a career in business or dreamed of starting your own company? Do others consider you a leader? Do you want to enroll in a Management program but are unable to because of work or family obligations? If so, online Management courses could be the best way for you to gain the training needed to start a new career.

In as little as 18 months, you could earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Management and have the knowledge necessary to begin a successful career in Business.


We provide our graduates with Lifetime Career Assistance.


We’ll help you every step of the way making enrolling simple and stress-free.

What You’ll Learn in Our Management Program

In Miller-Motte’s Management program, you’ll learn how businesses are run and how they function best. You’ll gain a solid understanding of how to pursue business goals, plan operations, supervise other workers and establish policies by taking classes like:

  • Marketing Principles: You’ll want to know how to get people to buy your product, whether you’re running your own business or working for one. This course offers insights into customer psychology and teaches you strategies that can bring in more sales.

  • Small Business Management: This course will teach you how small businesses are organized, franchised, started and funded. You’ll even produce your own business plan.

  • Accounting Principles: This course will show you how to keep your business out of the red. Many managers need to know how to work with money, as they will often need to plan budgets and make sure that their business remains profitable.

For more information about the courses offered in our Management program, download our Course Catalog.

Careers in Management

With the number of new and growing businesses, the country’s need for people with business training will likely rise. Miller-Motte’s Management program will prepare you for several careers in the field of Business, including:

Sales Representative

One of the driving forces behind any business is its Sales Representatives. They are the main line of communication between the business and the client. They help fulfill the needs of the client while looking for additional opportunities to grow the business.

Business Manager

Business Managers are responsible for keeping businesses running smoothly. They handle everything from maintaining financial records to facilitating communication with clients.

Customer Service Manager

These individuals help customers by answering questions and coming up with solutions to their problems with products or services. They may also manage other representatives at a call center.

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