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If you have the desire to work in an office environment in a supporting role, then it is very likely that you’ll be expected to know how to use a variety of computer applications.

The good news is that Miller-Motte College’s Microcomputer Applications program can give you the skills you need. In fact, we make it easy by having online training in Microsoft Office! That means you can learn on your own schedule. The Microcomputer Applications program is only available through Miller-Motte College Wilmington.


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What You’ll Learn in Online Computer Classes

Computers have transformed the modern working world and most businesses rely on sophisticated computer programs like Microsoft Office to make things more efficient. Our courses will focus on how to use the most important Microsoft Office applications, such as:

  • Microsoft Word – One of the most popular business programs of all, Word allows you to create professional letters and documents.
  • Microsoft Excel – If you have a mind for numbers, Excel will be right up your alley. It allows you to organize data for storage, reference or analysis.
  • Microsoft Access – Access is Microsoft’s database tool. It allows you to store information about constituents, customers or vendors so that you can refer to it later.
  • Microsoft Publisher – Ever heard of desktop publishing? Microsoft Publisher lets you create professional brochures, newsletters posters and more, right from your computer screen.

And that’s not all. You’ll also gain advanced computer training that will allow you to maintain and troubleshoot computer software and networks—skills that can further your career in the IT field.

For more details about our online Microcomputer Applications program, course descriptions and program start dates, download our Course Catalog.

Careers That Require Advanced Computer Training

After completing online training for a career working with Microsoft Office, you will have a variety of in-demand skills. You’ll be able to apply for a variety of jobs and have the opportunity to work in a professional office. A few of the jobs you might be qualified for are:

Network Applications Assistant

Under the supervision of a Network Administrator, Network Applications Assistants often monitor and troubleshoot an organization’s website and computer network.  They may also maintain the network and report serious issues such as network downtime and security breaches.

Computer Support Specialist

Computer Support Specialists have a variety of valuable skills, allowing them to complete a multitude of tasks relating to computers and computer networks.

They are often responsible for assisting company employees by installing software, setting up hardware and troubleshooting computer problems. They may also monitor and maintain computer networks and complete other tasks to support the IT department.

Administrative Support

If you enjoy helping people and supporting others, then a career in Administrative Support may be just right for you! Various people in the office will rely on you to create presentations, spreadsheets and documents using various Microsoft Office programs.

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