Miller-Motte College students may have the opportunity to complete programs of study through two methods of distance education— hybrid programs and 100% online programs.  Hybrid programs of study allow students in certain programs of study to complete up to 49% of the program through online courses. These online programs are specifically designed for the student who will be accessing online courses from a standard home or personal computer. All distance education/online courses and programs offered by the campus have been deemed as equivalent in content and quality to equivalent courses offered via traditional delivery methods.  Students enrolled in a campus-based program may be required to take online classes to graduate.  Programs of study that may be completed through 100% distance education are described in the Programs of Study section of the catalog.

Students participating in 100% online courses and hybrid programs must complete the following actions: 

100% Online Programs

Each applicant must:


  • Submit the application form online or via mail.
  • Pay the application fee using a credit card online or by mailing a check.
  • Complete an interview with an admissions representative either online or via telephone.
  • Mail evidence of high school graduation or evidence of receipt of GED. 
  • Mail transcripts from institutions where any other college credits were earned.
  • Complete the online financial aid application process.
  • Verify access to the hardware and software requirements for online courses/programs.
  • Upon acceptance, complete the online orientation program prior to the start of classes.


Students enrolled in fully online programs will submit admissions applications, financial aid paperwork and take placement exams via secure sites on the internet. Campus employees are available via phone, email and via internet sources to assist students through the application process.  Admissions and placement testing will be conducted via online software specifically designed for online distribution.

Hybrid Programs

At least 51 percent of the educational program must be taken on campus. The actual percentage of the program offered online will depend on the program selected and the educational delivery for each course.  Students should contact the campus Online Learning Coordinator for additional policies and recommended technology specifications to ensure an optimal learning experience in online courses.  Completion of online courses may be required for graduation.  Students participating in hybrid programs must complete the following actions:


  • Complete the online student orientation;
  • Receive Program Director or Director of Education approval;
  • Meet with the Online Learning Coordinator;
  • Receive approval from the Online Learning Coordinator; and
  • Sign and return Student Responsibility Forms.


Consortium Agreement—Hybrid Learning

Miller-Motte College, Wilmington serves as the host institution for all Miller-Motte Colleges and other post-secondary institutions owned and operated by Ancora Education. This agreement enables enrolled students in an eligible program of study to enroll in online courses that apply toward the academic requirements of certificate, diploma, or degree programs at the students’ home institutions. As a result, Miller-Motte College, Wilmington, NC online courses may also have students from Ancora Education post-secondary institutions located in other cities/states.

Authentication and Protection of Student Identity

Each student is provided a unique user name and password for the purpose of authenticating each student’s identity when entering the online classroom. Students are prohibited from providing their passwords and log-ins to any other individual. Furthermore, student identity is authenticated through a series of email, telephone interviews, and/or meetings with the campus Online Learning Coordinator. Each student’s username, password and email address are used to authenticate student identity in order to complete assignments within the Learning Management System. All testing is completed through the Learning Management System and the unique username and password is used to verify student identity.

The student’s unique username and password is used to verify student identity. Neither the Institution nor Ancora Education will release any student’s username and password to any individual which would violate a student’s rights under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

No student is assessed any additional charges or fees associated with the verification/authentication of student identity.

Technology Specification for Online Courses

Each student enrolled in an online course(s) or program of study delivered by Miller-Motte College is expected to have access to an internet connection, computer hardware and operating software as outlined below.  Campus computer labs are available to access online course content and meet the necessary technology requirements. 

Students Accessing Courses Online 

To have a quality learning experience in online course(s), a student’s computer must meet or exceed the following specifications: 

PC Specifications


  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8 Processor: 1 Ghz or higher 
  • Memory: 1GB or higher 
  • Hard Drive 25GB of available hard drive space 
  • CD ROM  DVD-ROM 16XDirectX 9 compatible sound card Headset or speakers 
  • Monitor/display video card capable of 1024x768 resolution Internet Connection: 56Kbps  or High Speed  Cable Or DSL connection
  • Microsoft Office 2010 
  • Adobe Reader X
  • Flash Player 10
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9 (32-bit) OR
  • Mozilla Firefox (most recent release-Mozilla Firefox16) (32-bit)
  • Safari (most recent release—Safari 5) (32-bit)
  • Chrome (most recent release—Chrome 23)  (32-bit)SR


MAC Specifications 


  • Power Mac G5processor  
  • OS X 10.2 with Firefox 1.5 or OS X 10.3 and above with Safari 1.2 or Firefox 1.5  
  • 1GB of RAM (minimum)  
  • 25GB of available hard drive space
  • CD ROM 4x 
  • DVD-ROM 
  • Hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics card  
  • Sound Blaster compatible 16-bit sound card 
  • Headset or speakers 
  • Monitor/display video card capable of 1024x768 resolution and 32-bit color 
  • Internet Connection: 56Kbps or High Speed  Cable or DSL connection


Note for those who may access courses from their places of employment: Employers often place restrictions on the content allowed through an organization’s firewall or network security measures.  Such measures may affect the student’s ability to access online courses from the student’s place of employment or while using employer-provided internet access. Internet access provided through a student’s employer is beyond the college’s ability to predict or control. 

Mobile Devices

The student portal is currently certified to work on an iPad and iPhone 4 and 5 devices. Student portal access is not currently available on Android devices.  The Moodle Learning Management System and other third party vendor web applications are not certified to work on mobile devices.  Ancora Education cannot guarantee that third party websites and applications will function with a student’s mobile device.