Earn Your UI/UX Certification By Building Your Design Portfolio

Get the design classes you need to earn your UI/UX certification. You’ll learn how to become a UI designer through this online training. Miller-Motte Technical College’s online boot camp will introduce you to all of the elements of user experience design. We’ll also help you to develop a professional portfolio and gain interviewing and networking skills.

Program Credentials Certificate of Completion
Program Length 10 weeks
Program Cost $1,400

User Experience Certification Boot Camp Course Length & Benefits

Earn your UI/UX Certification and learn how to become a UI designer through this 10- week boot camp. The course is:

  • Flexible to fit your busy schedule
  • Designed to appeal to a wide-range of learning styles
  • A combination of the best of both worlds – expertise from an online educational institution and practical career-readiness training from Miller-Motte
  • Taught by instructors with design experience

During the first part of your course, you’ll work with a personal mentor on a weekly basis. You can ask questions about material from your design classes, get feedback on your projects and work through any areas that need clarification as you earn your certification. Our instructors are all professional UX designers and are great at breaking down complex information into easy-to-understand concepts. Once you enter the Career EDGE phase of training, you can take advantage of one-on- one career mentoring as you prepare to search for job opportunities.

Course Outcomes

As you earn your design certification, you’ll gain introductory exposure to the UI/UX design world, including:

  • Understanding each phase of the design cycle
  • Conducting research
  • Building wireframes
  • Conducting usability testing
  • Developing a presentation to demonstrate a design journey from discovery to user experience


The first six units of your course will be focused on UI/UX information and concepts. Once you complete the first six units, you’re ready to plan for your future with Miller-Motte’s Career EDGE advantage.

Unit 1: Discovery and Research
Unit 2: Synthesize Research and Develop Design Strategy
Unit 3: Placement and Layout Design
Unit 4: Wireframing and Prototyping
Unit 5: Usability Testing
Unit 6: Navigation and Multi-Column Layout
Units 7 – 10: Career EDGE gives you the tools to put your user experience certification to use. Miller-Motte experts will help you:

  • Set career goals
  • Write your resume
  • Conduct practice interviews
  • Take advantage of our graduate/employer matching system
  • Share your final work through an e-portfolio

Course Structure

Each weekly lesson is taught in a unit that builds upon all previous units. Each activity you’ll work on in each unit will give you a chance to put your knowledge, whether expert or beginner-level, into action and allow you to expand on your user experience knowledge as you build your design story. Some of the online assignments and exercises you’ll complete in the units include:

  • Videos & Slideshows
  • Quizzes & Review Guides
  • Weekly Projects

Equipment & Software Experience

All software required for the User Experience Design course can be downloaded for free and requires any computer (Mac or PC) with a strong enough internet connection to play videos online. To get ahead on your technical needs for this course, download these programs:

  • Sublime Text 3 – This text editor allows you to write code and can be downloaded here.
  • Google Chrome – A web browser used for viewing your finished results. Chrome can be downloaded here.
  • Inkscape – Inkscape is a design program and graphics editor and can be downloaded here.


Tuition for UI/UX Certification is $1,400. If you’re currently employed, ask your Human Resources department if your employer offers an education assistance benefit. In some cases, you can be reimbursed for tuition and other school costs if you meet certain criteria.

Add To Your Portfolio with User Experience Design

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*Program availability depends on student’s state of residence.
This online program is offered via the Miller-Motte Technical College Conway, SC campus.