Build Your Future with Web Design at Miller-Motte Technical College

Have you considered pursuing a Web Design online certificate to boost your resume? Get the skills you need to stay ahead in today’s competitive business market with Miller-Motte’s online HTML, CSS & Web Design Certificate of Completion. Our boot camp-style course will introduce you to planning, designing and building visually appealing and functionally intuitive websites for a variety of platforms from smartphones to PCs.

Program Credentials Certificate of Completion
Program Length 15 weeks
Program Cost $1,900

HTML, CSS & Web Design Course Length & Benefits

The 15-week HTML, CSS & Web Design boot camp-style course is:

  • Flexible to fit your schedule
  • Designed to appeal to a wide-variety of learning styles
  • Taught by experienced instructors

Throughout your experience, a Course Mentor will personalize your learning experience by providing critiques, insight and ongoing motivation. As you complete the course, you will work with your Career Mentor to discuss your professional expectations and understand available career resources, like the Career EDGE tool, where you’ll have access to the graduate-employer matching system and the ability to create your own e-portfolio.

Course Outcomes

  • Learn HTML and CSS languages
  • Learn responsive design and mobile web design
  • Build a full website with visual continuity between desktop and mobile
  • Create HTML emails


This 15-week course will require the successful completion of the following:

Unit 1: Introduction to HTML & CSS
Unit 2: Design Foundations
Unit 3: Styling Pages with CSS
Unit 4: Typography & Color Theory
Unit 5: Page Structure & Layout
Unit 6: Navigation & Multi-Column Layout
Unit 7: Responsive Design & Mobile-First Principles
Unit 8: Media Queries & Responsive Development
Unit 9: Final Project
Unit 10: Advanced Study: Responsive HTML Emails

Course Structure

Each weekly lesson is taught in a unit that builds on all previous units. The activities you’ll work on will give you the chance to put your knowledge, whether expert or beginner-level, into action and allow you to expand on your professional portfolio. Some of the online assignments and exercises in the units include:

  • Videos & Slideshows
  • Code Challenges
  • Design Projects
  • Quizzes & Review Guides

Equipment & Software Requirements

The software utilized in Miller-Motte’s online HTML, CSS & Web Design course will require a computer with a strong enough internet connection to play videos online. All software can be downloaded for free from the Web for both Mac and PC and includes:


Tuition for the Web Design course is $1,900. Your employer may offer an education assistance benefit that reimburses you for tuition and other school costs if you meet certain criteria. Ask your HR Department for more information and to determine if online web design courses qualify.

Gain Practical Skills with an Online Web Design Course

Call or click to learn more about the practical skills you’ll gain with Miller-Motte’s HTML, CSS & Web Design Certificate of Completion. Create your future with Miller-Motte. Online classes are forming now.

Please note: this course is not included within the school's scope of ACCSC accreditation and is not eligible for Title IV funding.

*Program availability depends on student’s state of residence.
This online program is offered via the Miller-Motte Technical College Conway, SC campus.