Realize Your Potential with Network Security Training at Miller-Motte College in Wilmington, NC

Like working with computers? Know how to keep your files secure? Want to learn more about computers and network security? With Network Security training in Wilmington, you’ll be well on your way to a new, exciting career in this field. Our location is great for students from Wilmington, Leland, Carolina Beach, Burgaw and Hampstead.

In as little as three months, you can complete your CompTIA Network Security Technician** Certificate of Completion program at Miller-Motte College. Your new understanding of cyber security and information technology will qualify you for many satisfying positions, such as Network Support Specialist or Systems Administrator.


Projected job growth 2012 - 2022*


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What You’ll Gain from Miller-Motte College’s Network Security Training Program

When you take your IT classes, you’ll improve your understanding of how computer systems and information technology operate in business. After you pass your Certification exams, you’ll be ready to jump straight into the job market.

The classes you’ll take to prepare for the Certification exams include:

  • PC Operating Systems: In this introductory class, you’ll learn about the different kinds of operating systems that companies and organizations like Microsoft, DOS, Apple and Linux use every day.
  • Security+: Once you complete this class, you’ll be ready to sit for the Security+ exam, which covers cryptography, risk identification and security policies.
  • Network+: In this class, you’ll develop the technical skills needed to create protocols and offer network support. This class will prepare you to take the Network+ exam.

After you finish your CompTIA Network Security Technician Certificate of Completion, you’ll be ready to take four of the computer industry’s recognized exams. For more detailed information about these exams and the other requirements for this program, download our Course Catalog.

Discover a Career in Information Technology (IT)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for Information Security and Network Security Analysts will increase 37% by the year 2022. You can therefore be confident that the Certifications and knowledge you’ll have gained by the time you graduate from Miller-Motte College will help you find a job that works for you. You’ll leave our campus with the confidence you need to become a success.

Here are a few of the jobs you’ll be qualified for upon completing the CompTIA Network Security Technician Certificate of Completion program at Miller-Motte College:

Network Administrator

Network Administrators are crucial members of the team. Without your knowledge and expertise, organizations would have trouble carrying-on in their day-to-day activities. Your job will be analyzing and repairing network problems.

Network Security Analyst

Your knowledge of cyber security and information technology will provide much-needed digital security for companies. People and organizations are more vulnerable than ever in today’s technological world, and you’ll help protect them.

Network Support Specialist

As Network Support Specialist for an organization or company, you’ll be the go-to person for addressing employees' computer and network needs. You could also work in an IT department and assist individuals with their computer issues.

Build a Brighter Future by Starting Your Network Security Training

With Network Security training, you’ll be ready to become an important member of the team. People will come to you for troubleshooting and computer security assistance. Start down the path to your new career today by calling us at 800.705.9182 or by clicking here to request more information.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition, Information Security Analysts,
on the Internet at (visited August 11, 2015).
**This program is not within the scope of ACICS accreditation. This program is not eligible for Title IV funding.