Jumpstart Your Medical Career with Phlebotomy Training in Wilmington, NC!

Did you know that in as little time as 5 months, you could start your career as a medical professional? If you’re looking for a quality Phlebotomy training program, Miller-Motte is the perfect fit for you.

With Miller-Motte, you can earn a certificate of completion through our Phlebotomy Technician program quickly and efficiently and be ready to enter the workforce. In addition to our classes, taught by highly qualified instructors, our hands-on training and career resources will help you get out of the classroom and into a job position, you’ll love in no time. Our campus is conveniently located for students in Wilmington, Leland, Carolina Beach, Burgaw and Hampstead.


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What Will You Get out of Our Phlebotomy Technician Program?

In our Phlebotomy Technician program, we combine classroom instruction with hands-on learning to provide our students with a unique learning. By the time you complete your Phlebotomy Technician training, you will have gained all the knowledge and practical skills needed to sit for the national certification exam to become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician.

These are three of the courses offered in our Phlebotomy Technician program:

  • Introduction to Phlebotomy: This introductory course gives an overview of Phlebotomy as a profession. In class, you will discuss topics such as medical terminology, medical laws and ethics, anatomy and more.
  • Phlebotomy Procedures: This course provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a clinical setting. You will have the opportunity to practice interacting with patients, recording data and collecting specimens.
  • Phlebotomy Techniques: This course will teach you how to collect, transport, and process specimens. You will also become familiar with lab safety and testing procedures, as well as phlebotomy techniques such as venipuncture and Point-of-Care testing.

Career Options in Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy Technician training will do more than prepare you for one career path; you’ll build a solid foundation that will enable you to pursue several careers in the healthcare field. After graduation, you’ll be qualified for jobs such as:

Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioner

As a Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioner, you’ll be an integral part of any hospital, clinic or doctor’s office. You will schedule appointments, record vital signs and more, and you will often be the first point of contact for a patient.

Medical Lab Technician

Under the supervision of a Medical Technologist, Medical Lab Technicians perform routine medical laboratory tests. You will collect specimens and test them for the presence of pathogens, illegal drugs and more.


Phlebotomists use proper venipuncture techniques to draw blood for laboratory tests, research, donations and blood transfusions. As a Phlebotomist, you will also help patients relax by explaining the procedure to them and drawing blood as painlessly and efficiently as possible.

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