Find your Future with IT Training Classes

If you like the idea of working as a Network Administrator or Systems Specialist, then Miller-Motte’s advanced computer training can prepare you for the job market. You will work with industry-experienced instructors who teach courses designed to prepare you for the issues you’ll face on-the-job. By the time you graduate, you should have the skills and knowledge you need for a successful career.

With our Technology programs, you can earn your certificate of completion, diploma or degree in a field that is constantly changing. You’ll help companies and organizations stay ahead of the competition with your advanced computer training.

IT Support Specialist

Do you like working with computers? Do your friends and family come to you to fix computer and networking issues? Do you want to find a career using those computers skills? If so, Network Administrator training from Miller-Motte might be right for you. 


Short-Term Career Training

If you're looking for additional certification or training for your current position, check out our convenient short-term career training courses: Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Excel, CompTIA A+ Certification Prep, CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep, Project Management Professional and Project Management Professional Certification Prep. Or, if you're looking for online, boot-camp style courses, check out our online technology courses designed to give you a boost in your current career.

Please note: These courses are not included within the school's scope of ACCSC accreditation and are not eligible for Title IV funding.

Data Analysis

Do you like looking at data and figuring out what it all means? Have you considered a Data Analysis certificate of completion? Our online boot camp-style course will provide insights into collecting, analyzing and communicating data, including an introduction to effective data analysis workflows and will cover critical data manipulation and the visualization processes.


Digital Marketing

Are you interested in expanding your marketing knowledge? Do you spend a lot of time on the web? If so, you might want to consider getting a Digital Marketing certificate of completion from Miller-Motte. Our online boot camp-style Digital Marketing course will teach you the techniques needed to acquire and retain customers across different web channels such as email, paid search and social media using analytics to measure and improve campaigns.


Miller-Motte Online Programs

HTML, CSS, and Web Design

Are you a traditional designer that wants to expand your talents to the web or are you someone who enjoys spending time on the web and wants to learn how to build a website? If you answered yes to either, then a certificate of completion in HTML, CSS, and Web Design might be perfect for you. Our boot camp-style online course will introduce all the skills needed to build building visually appealing and functionally intuitive websites including planning, designing and HTML/CSS development.


User Design Experience

Do you want to take your design skills to the next level to make more engaging user-friendly web experiences? Have you considered becoming a UI/UX designer? If so, our User Design Experience certificate of completion could be the right program for you. Our online boot camp-style program will introduce you to all of the elements of user experience design including wireframing, usability testing, research and layout design.