What Are Skilled Trades?

At Miller-Motte you can prepare for a career in the field of HVAC/Refrigeration, Welding and Electrical Systems.

After you complete a Skilled Trades program, you will know how to use your hands and tools to get the job done. You can earn your Degree, Diploma or Certificate of Completion that will prepare you to enter the workforce.

Electrical Systems Program

If you enjoy problem-solving and hands-on work, earning your Diploma or Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electrical Systems could be the right career move for you. You’ll learn how to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring and other skills needed by those in the Electrical Systems field.


HVAC/Refrigeration Program

If you enjoy working with technology and prefer a career that doesn't require you to sit at a desk all day, this program could be the key to starting a career you'll love. You’ll learn how to install, maintain and service HVAC equipment and prepare for industry certification exams.


Welding Program

The Welding program will teach you to weld and solder different materials on commercial, industrial and residential sites. You could learn the skills needed for a job as a Welder, Cutter, Solderer or Brazer — all important jobs in the modern construction industry.


 *This program is not within the scope of ACICS accreditation. This program is not eligible for Title IV funding.