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If you want be a crucial part of a medical team, there is no better career path to explore than Surgical Technology. Surgical Technologists assist surgeons before, during and after surgery, making sure patients are safe and the operation goes smoothly.

They are so crucial to their medical teams that as the healthcare industry grows, the demand for Surgical Technologists will skyrocket. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the demand for Surgical Technologists will increase 30% by the year 2022. This is more than double the average growth rate!

The Surgical Technology program at Miller-Motte Technical College in Chattanooga, TN can give you the skills needed to enter this growing field. In as little as 18 months you can earn your Associate of Applied Science degree in Surgical Technology.


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Projected job growth 2012 - 2022*

What Are the Typical Job Duties of Surgical Technologists?

Surgical Technologists assist surgeons during operations. They do a variety of tasks to help prepare patients and the operating room for surgery, including: 

  • Sterilizing instruments and making sure all equipment is ready and available for use during surgery
  • Passing surgical instruments to surgeons as needed
  • Maintaining inventory of the supplies used during surgery
  • Preparing patients for surgery by transporting them to the operating room, disinfecting incision sites and covering patients with sterile drapes

What Will You Learn in Our Surgical Technology Program?

During Surgical Technologist training, you’ll learn the skills needed to work with surgeons and complete the tasks listed above. Below are a few of the courses offered in our Surgical Technology program:

  • Surgical Principles: Students are introduced to disinfection, decontamination and sterilization standards and practices in the operating room setting. Basic patient care, aseptic technique, preoperative routines such as transporting, transferring and positioning the patient, instrumentation, surgical preparation, draping, urinary catheterization and other surgical support measures related to the care of the surgical patient are the primary topics of this course. Emphasis is placed on applying the principles of aseptic techniques, environmental hazards and infection control in the surgical field. Successful placement into this course determines the student cohort for reporting purposes. 
  • Surgical Techniques: This course is structured to enhance the students' knowledge of anesthesia and surgical pharmacology and the concepts pertaining to patient care, medications, anesthetics, drug calculations and the legal policies and responsibilities they entail. Surgical technique incorporates preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative case planning/implementation which includes sutures, suturing devices, counts, wounds with regard to drains and dressings, tissue handling and the care of specimens.
  • Surgical Review: This course will prepare you to take the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) examination. Material from previous courses will be reviewed and you will get access to a sample exam to help you practice for the test.

Learn more about our Surgical Technology program by downloading our course catalog.

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