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Support Services

Students at Miller-Motte have access to academic advising, tutoring services, career services, and our library. Depending on your needs, we have team members that can help students understand their funding options, adjust to their new course load, and explore externship opportunities**. Our career services team for example can help Miller-Motte graduates write or revise their resume, explore employment opportunities*, improve their interview skills, and more.

*Miller-Motte cannot guarantee employment.
**Externships are not available with every program.


Externships allow students to apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings. They can gain first hand training and practical experience before finishing their program.

Career Services

After successfully completing our programs, visit our career services team to craft a new resume. Our team can inform graduates of upcoming job fairs, perform mock interviews, vet potential employers, and more.

Military & Veteran Services

Miller-Motte is proud to help veterans prepare for the next phase in their career. Our financial services team understands the unique needs and funding options for veterans. Whether students need help with the enrollment process or understanding financial aid, our staff can help. Don’t forget to ask about our Military Discount for online students!

Take The First Step Toward Your Next Career

We’re ready to help you get the education for the future you want. If you are ready to take the next step on your new journey in vocational or skills-based education, Miller-Motte is ready to help.