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Network Ops & Security​

Network Ops & Security

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Program Overview

Earn your Degree in Network Operations and Security and Advance Your Career in IT

The Network Operations and Security program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to manage, secure and troubleshoot computer networks. This program covers various topics, including networking concepts, protocols, and security policies. This Online program allows you to pursue a bachelor’s Degree with flexible online classes.

Upon completion of the program, students may be prepared for a variety of careers in the field of network operations and security, including network and computer systems administrators.

Courses You'll Cover

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to secure systems and network infrastructure. Topics include basic security concepts, risk assessment, hardening practices, virtualization techniques, implementing and maintaining a secure
network, cryptography basics, and security policies, procedures, and management.

This course addresses controversial social issues involving information technology, including issues of privacy, intellectual property, and social justice issues. The course focus is on defining and defending one’s ethical choices based on a variety of systems of ethical decision making.

Students will use the language, explore control statements, delve into controlling program flow, work with more structured programs via functions, explore data structures and ways to correctly store and represent information. The course includes an overview of how imports, modules, and packages work in Python, how to handle errors to prevent apps from crashing, as well as file manipulation.

Students will prepare to design solutions for cloud-based platforms and operations that maintain data availability while protecting the confidentiality and integrity of information. Topics include security controls, disaster recovery plans, and continuity management plans that address physical, logical, and human factors.

The course covers the concepts of block ciphers and message authentication codes, public key encryption, digital signatures, and key establishment, as well as common examples and uses of such schemes, including the AES, RSA-OAEP, and the Digital Signature Algorithm.

This course helps students develop technical skills in networking administration and support. Topics include networking hardware, media and topologies, protocols and standards, IP addressing, ports, and transmission methods as it relates to networking infrastructures. The course introduces wireless technologies, how to install and configure various network devices, and troubleshoot common connectivity problems.

Students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills to install and configure systems to secure applications, networks, and devices, perform threat analysis and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques, participate in risk mitigation activities, and operate with an awareness of applicable policies, laws, and regulations.

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What can I do with a network ops and security degree?​

People who graduate from the Miller-Motte College Network Ops & Security program have the opportunity to pursue entry-level careers within a variety of business organizations.

*MMC cannot guarantee employment or salary.

  • Network Architect
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager

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