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Data Management

Data Management

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Data Management

Earn your Degree in Data Management and Advance Your Career in IT

The Data Management program is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level employment as data and database administrators. The program focuses on applying knowledge of database management systems. Coordinating changes to computer databases. Identifying, investigating, and resolving database performance issues, database capacity, and database scalability. This Online program allows you to pursue a bachelor’s Degree with flexible online classes


Become familiar with interactive and non-interactive data visualization tools. Practice simplifying complex data and choosing the correct visualization tool for specific needs, improving a model’s performance, and more!

Practice using Tableau to visualize and interpret data. Explore Tableau’s features as you practice setting actions, creating scatterplots, analyzing time trends, and more.

Develop a working knowledge of Python and its libraries by loading, analyzing, shaping, cleaning, and visualizing data.

Train to use self-service tools within Power BI. Practice performing advanced analytics, connecting data sources, sharing reports and dashboards, and more.

Examine common issues data scientists encounter and practice reading coding, pulling data from various sources, running R functions, and more.

 Explore common data structures and algorithms in Python! Study object-oriented programming, text processing, array-based sequences, and more.

 Train to use advanced Structured Query Language (SQL) queries by manipulating table structure, managing transactions, monitoring database activities, and more.

Discover what it takes to build, train, assess, and modify machine learning systems. Gain an understanding of statistics, computational learning theory, algorithms, and more.

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What Can I Do With A Data Management Certificate?

People who graduate from the Miller-Motte Data Management program have the opportunity to pursue entry-level careers within a variety of business organizations.

*Miller-Motte cannot guarantee employment or salary.

  • Database Administrator
  • Database Architect

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