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At Miller-Motte, our mission is to inspire and motivate students to empower themselves through training and education. We understand that may not look the same for everyone, and that’s why we offer flexible online programs that help you get the education you want on your own time. Full-time jobs, family obligations, or prior commitments don’t have to be a barrier to advancing your career with Miller-Motte College.

Our Online Programs

Miller-Motte College is proud to offer the following career-focused, online vocational programs.

Allied Health Management


A Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Management helps prepare you to apply for a job in the compassionate world of healthcare and healthcare management in as little as three years. If you are looking for a career in medical coding, health service management or medical assisting, this program might be the right fit for you.

Business Administration


Training in business administration allows you to explore a variety of jobs within the corporate world. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the fundamental knowledge on how to supervise workers, plan operations, establish policies and pursue business goals.



The Accounting Bachelor of Science program may prepare the graduate for entry-level employment in accounting related occupations in business and industry, including not-for-profit and governmental agencies. Accounting related occupations may include finance, insurance, accounting, auditing, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services.

Cyber Security


Cyber security professionals are a vital part of IT teams and help provide protection to an organization’s computer networks and systems. This program combines online learning with virtual hands-on training to prepare you for a future in cyber security.

Early Childhood Education


Early childhood education provides the foundations for children as they grow and learn throughout their lives. As an early childhood educational assistant, you are making an impact on generations to come.

Healthcare Information Technology


Healthcare Information Technology is for those who have a drive to care for others by protecting their medical information and assisting with medical records keeping. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the software and skills to apply for jobs in a variety of healthcare settings.

IT Support Specialist


IT Support Specialists play a critical role in ensuring the technology people rely on every day functions properly. Train from industry-experienced professionals how to problem solve, troubleshoot and fix issues in computer hardware, software and networks.

Medical Billing & Coding


Medical coders are responsible for helping insurance companies and healthcare facilities bill the proper amount to their patients. Medical coding is a great career option for someone who is passionate about healthcare and technology.

Pharmacy Technician


Pharmacy Technicians are responsible for helping pharmacists properly dispense prescriptions to the general public and healthcare professionals. They are a critical part of the healthcare industry.

Benefits of Miller-Motte Online*

Finding a career that you are passionate about is easy with Miller-Motte online programs. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from seasoned industry-experienced professionals in your program and will have access to resources and tools that our in-person students receive. A technology package with a Chromebook is included in your tuition to help get you started, so all you need is internet access!

*Students located in California cannot enroll in or attend Miller-Motte College.

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*Students located in California cannot enroll in or attend Miller-Motte College.

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