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5 Reasons to Consider a Computer Science Program

Pursuing a Computer Science degree can help students build a flexible skill set that can be applied across a range of industries. The innovations made by Computer Scientists can leave positive impacts on our personal and professional lives. Their expertise and drive to continuously improve the status quo helps push technology forward.
Due to the ever-changing and fast-paced nature of the tech industry, having a Computer Science degree can help graduates adapt to new technologies and changing needs.

What is Computer Science?

In broad terms, computer science studies computer software and hardware, how they work, and their applications in daily life. Since computer software can be used across multiple industries to assist with various tasks, a Computer Science program often takes an interdisciplinary approach to training aspiring tech professionals. This better prepares aspiring Computer Scientists to tackle a broad range of needs such as:

  • resolving issues related to how computers communicate with each other
  • programming computers to follow basic instructions
  • organizing, storing, visualizing, and interpreting data
  • creating instructions for computers to follow when solving complex and simple problems
  • using programming languages to write code and create new software or update existing software
  • testing software code for bugs and more

In addition to the technical skills students may learn in a Computer Science program, they can learn how to tackle complex problems from different perspectives. This challenges students to think outside of the box and discover new ways to streamline daily tasks. They may also analyze data to better understand the current performance of hardware, software, security systems, and more. This data can then be used as a starting point for the next innovative piece of software, hardware, and more.

Why is Computer Science Important?

Computer science continues to improve the quality of our daily lives by driving technological advancements forward. It’s at the core of creating products like new social media platforms, smart phones, touchscreens and displays, video games, and even artificial intelligence. It’s also responsible for creating hardware and software tailored to specific industries such as electronic health records, finance software, manufacturing automation software, and more.
Computer science can be used to assist with daily tasks as well as provide insight into the performance of a business. It’s a practical, creative, and innovative way to solve complex problems. The changes made through Computer Science can help improve the productivity of companies as well as leave a positive impact on our society.

Why Learn Computer Science?

Careers in technology are exciting, fast-paced, and offer numerous opportunities for creativity and innovation.

It offers career flexibility.

Those considering enrolling in a Computer Science program may find themselves wondering what they can do with this degree. A Computer Science program can cover a wide range of topics which can give graduates more opportunities in the workforce. It also leaves room to switch specialties within the tech industry until a graduate can find their niche.
At Miller-Motte College (MMC), our Computer Science program covers concepts including, but not limited to:

  • web design
  • software engineering
  • networking concepts
  • data analytics
  • computer organizations and architecture
  • scripting and programming
  • PC operating systems and more

This can help students build a skill set that may suit a variety of tasks and needs. This could also help prepare students for careers as a Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Support Specialist, and more. This flexibility can allow those with a Computer Science degree to follow a career path aligned with their personal interests and passions.

It can help prepare graduates for in-demand careers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), careers in computer and information technology are projected to grow rapidly between 2022 and 2032. Should these projections continue to hold, an average of 377,500 jobs may become available each year.

Computer Science programs can be completed entirely online.

Earning a Computer Science degree entirely online allows students to make education work around their schedule. As long as students submit their work by the appropriate deadline, they can complete their coursework at a time that works best for them. This allows them to chase their dreams without being forced to choose between their day job or education.

Each day can offer new challenges and problems to solve.

Whether designing new applications or troubleshooting existing software, each day presents new challenges. Having a background in Computer Science can help prepare those in the tech field to create innovative solutions to current problems. It allows those in this industry to continue pushing boundaries, thinking outside of the box, and creating new solutions which can help make each day feel more rewarding than the last. This can help contribute to career fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

How to Know if Computer Science Could Be an Ideal Fit

Computer science offers plenty of room for graduates to pivot once they enter the industry. This allows those with an interest in technology, who haven’t quite discovered their niche yet, to explore different career options. Additionally, a Computer Science program may be appealing if someone:

  • enjoys solving puzzles and are naturally curious how things work
  • pays close attention to detail
  • is comfortable learning new skills and constantly stepping outside of their comfort zone
  • loves technology and is interested in how technological advancements occur
  • has strong communication skills
  • wants to incorporate creativity into their everyday responsibilities
  • want a versatile skill set and more

It’s important to note these aren’t the only qualities that may draw someone to a Computer Science program.

Next Steps

From creating innovative products to making processes more efficient, computer science continues to drive technological advancements forward. Its interdisciplinary approach allows for career flexibility and its constantly evolving nature presents new challenges each day. For those interested in technology or simply looking for an exciting pathway with chances for growth, pursuing a degree in Computer Science could be appealing.
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