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2 BS Degree Programs are Now Online

Number of Undergraduates Earning 4-year Degree Spike As Job Market Demands Evolve 

(CHATTANOOGA, TN) March 21, 2023  – Higher education can often lead to higher wages and lower rates of unemployment. To help students expand their education and the potential to boost their career opportunities and earning potential, Miller-Motte College (MMC) has launched two new online Bachelor of Science Degree programs in Accounting and Network Operations & Security. 

“Our team strategically selects new program offerings based on the country’s forecasted job demands and career potential for students. Accounting related occupations in the areas of finance, insurance, tax preparation and payroll services are positions that our new Accounting Bachelor’s program prepares graduates for. Also, security is a field that continues to grow as our society evolves technologically,” said Andrea Snow, SVP of Academics & Career Services at Ancora, parent company to Miller-Motte College. “We chose to offer these programs online so learners have an environment where they can personalize their experience. We are providing what students are looking for: flexibility with a high quality curriculum.”

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The online Accounting Bachelor of Science degree program through Miller-Motte provides an introduction to financial and managerial accounting, with an emphasis on:

  • Assets and liabilities
  • Revenues and expenses
  • Accounting cycle
  • Financial statements
  • Cost terminology, cost behavior, product costing, and relevant costs for decision making. 

Training, skills, and relevant areas of study include:  

  • Management. Helps students with planning, organizing, leading, and controlling by applying management principles to realistic situations managers encounter. 
  • Economics. Guides students on the economic theory of how people, organizations, and governments use resources to achieve their goals by examining management’s considerations of scarcity and elasticity in daily operations with a focus on production of goods and services. 
  • Research & Analysis. Includes research design, methodology, processes, sampling, data compilation, analysis, validity, reliability, presentation, and project responsibility/accountability. 
  • Macroeconomics. Helps students analyze issues affecting an entire national economy, including inflation, national income, employment, interest rates, and the impact of monetary and fiscal policy on economic growth. 

A BS in Accounting from Miller-Motte College provides students the opportunity to pursue entry-level careers in Finance, Insurance, Accounting, Auditing, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services. 

*This program does not prepare students to sit for the CPA exam or state licensure. Although the information taught in this program may be helpful, it does not prepare students to become a licensed accountant. 

Bachelor of Science in Network Operations & Security 

The Network Operations & Security Bachelor of Science degree program focuses on helping students develop technical skills in information technology administration and support, including:

  • Encryption and authentication
  • Network security measures and devices
  • Monitoring and managing network availability.

Training, skills, and relevant areas of study include:

  • Technical Writing/Project Planning. Prepares students to effectively manage all phases of an IT project. Students are exposed to the framework of project management related to initiation, planning, execution, control, and formal closing with a focus on practical tools and techniques, as well as discover strategies to ensure project success. 
  • Hardware and Software. Technical skills include an understanding of the anatomy of a PC, how to install, troubleshoot, and implement network devices and printers, in addition to customer service support.
  • Desktop Configuration. Helps students develop skills in Operating System installation, upgrade, migration, deployment, administration, and maintenance to enhance system security. 
  • Cryptography. Covers the concepts of block ciphers and message authentication codes, public key encryption, digital signatures, and key establishment. The program also helps learners identify and analyze different forms of attacks based on improper usage of primitives, modes, or protocols.

Graduates who earn their degree in Networking Ops & Security often pursue entry level roles in security analysis, network security, and risk management, among other fields in information technology.  

Flexibility & Enrollment

Earning an online Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting or Network Operations & Security from Miller-Motte College provides flexible online learning so students can work full-time while pursuing their degree. Enrollment is on a rolling basis with classes beginning every 5 to 10 weeks and the programs can be completed within 33 months. 

*Miller-Motte College does not guarantee employment or salary. Students located in California cannot enroll in or attend Miller-Motte College.

About Miller-Motte College

Miller-Motte College has convenient locations in Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Tennessee offering training programs in Business, Healthcare, Technology, Education, and Skilled Trades (programs vary by location). Miller-Motte College also offers online learning, including Bachelor of Science degree programs in Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Business Management, Cybersecurity, IT Management, Computer Science, Data Management, Cloud Computing, Network Ops & Security, Software Development, Healthcare Management, and Allied Health Management. The online programs are delivered through the Chattanooga, TN campus. Graduates have access to career assistance including guidance from our Career Services team, resume updates, workshops, and more. Learn more at

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