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Miller-Motte College Invests in New Bachelor of Science Degrees in Data Management and Computer Science

Online Programs Help Provide More Opportunities To Advance Education

(CHATTANOOGA, TN) June 6, 2023  – To help students whenever, wherever,  Miller-Motte College (MMC) has developed two new online Bachelor of Science Degrees in Data Management and Computer Science. Both programs are part of a larger set of virtual learning opportunities the school has invested in. 

“Earning a Bachelor of Science degree can open up a wide range of career pathways,” said Andrea Snow, SVP of Academics & Career Services at Ancora, parent company to Miller-Motte College. “Information technology is the pulse of today’s workforce so its important students can begin building a foundation of knowledge and expertise early on.” 

Bachelor of Science in Data Management

The Bachelor of Science in Data Management program focuses on identifying, investigating, and resolving database performance issues, database capacity, and database scalability. Some of the most common industry roles that require a Bachelor’s degree include but are not limited to: a computer network architect, database developer or administrator, and a computer systems analyst.

According to Expert Market Research, in 2021, the global enterprise data management market was valued at more than $73.1 billion, with North America accounting for the largest share.

Some of the course work students will have the opportunity to learn more about include:  

  • Data Structures and Algorithms, which will cover concepts associated with data structures algorithms in Python and related topics such as object-oriented programming, algorithm analysis, graph algorithms, array-based sequences, memory management, text processing, linked lists, and recursions.
  • Project Management Foundations, this will expose students to project selection, defining the role of a project manager, mitigating risk, and creating a project schedule and budget.
  • Tableau Concepts, this course can help students deepen their understanding of Tableau concepts and methodologies and explore real-world, hardware, software, and command-line interface environments.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program helps students apply programming and systems analysis principles to the selection, implementation, and troubleshooting of customized computer and software installations across the life cycle. The program will also guide instruction in computer hardware and software; programming and debugging technique; as well as installation and maintenance testing and documentation.

The demand for these roles is growing. It is projected there will be more than 44,000 open positions per year, over the next decade, in the U.S. job market for computer systems analysts, and these roles often require a bachelor’s degree or higher for entry-level positions. 

Students will receive education and training on an array of topics including:

  • Spreadsheet Skills, this course introduces basic, intermediary, and enhanced spreadsheet skills, as well as demonstrates how to create proper design and layout of spreadsheets to effectively communicate data across unique  business environments. 
  • Data Visualization and Presentation, which covers several types of non-interactive and interactive visualizations tools, how to compare and choose the right visualization needs, and help improve a regression model’s performance using gathered data.
  • Computer Organizations and Architecture I, this course is introductory and will explore performance concepts, computer function and interconnection, memory hierarchy, cache memory, internal and external memory, input/output, operating system system support, number systems and computer arithmetic.

Earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Data Management or Computer Science from Miller-Motte College provides students with flexible online learning. Enrollment is on a rolling basis with classes beginning every 5 to 10 weeks and programs that can be completed within 33 months. 

*Miller-Motte College does not guarantee employment or salary. Students located in California cannot enroll in or attend Miller-Motte College.

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