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6 Things to Know About MMC’s Admissions Process

At Miller-Motte College, we strive to make the admissions process as simple and as accessible as possible. We streamlined the process into five steps to help prospective students feel confident in their decision and quickly begin their desired program.

These steps include:

  • Choose a program and campus
  • Speak with an Admissions Representative
  • Schedule a campus visit
  • Speak with our Financial Services Officers
  • Start the program

While these provide a brief glimpse into our admissions process, they’re not as rigid as the webpage may suggest.

Some steps can be combined while others, specifically the campus visit, can be omitted entirely. We understand visiting a local campus may not be possible for all potential applicants, especially for those interested in distance learning. As such, skipping this step won’t negatively impact an applicant’s chances of being accepted into Miller-Motte.

Here are six things about the admissions process applicants should keep in mind when applying to Miller-Motte College.


#1: We Help Prospective Students Choose the Best Program for Their Goals

While some prospective students already know which program aligns with their goals, others may want to talk through their options.

As part of our admissions process, our Admissions Representatives hold personal interviews with applicants. During these interviews, our representatives aim to learn more about an applicant’s motivations, career interests, and preferred learning style. As our team gains more insight, they can make program recommendations they believe best align with these goals.

Personal interviews are an excellent time of discovery for both the applicant and the Admissions Representative. It’s a low-stress environment where the applicant can talk through their career aspirations and goals. Our team can determine if they’re compatible with the programs we offer and help them begin the enrollment process.

If the prospective student is still in high school at the time of the interview, we strongly encourage them to attend with a parent or legal guardian. This allows their support system to participate in the decision-making process and ask any questions they may have about Miller-Motte, student expectations, or our programs.

#2: Prospective Students Can Speak with Admissions Representatives Remotely 

In a perfect world, we could meet each prospective applicant in person and show them around their new academic home. In reality, we understand this isn’t always possible. There may not be a Miller-Motte campus near them, or they have other obligations that may make visiting us difficult.  

 To make this part of the admissions process more accessible, prospective students can complete a phone interview rather than an in-person one. These virtual interviews provide the same level of support and information as an in-person interview all from the comfort of home*.  

 *Programs are not available to residents of CA state. 


#3: Training Starts Every Five to Ten Weeks  

While many colleges operate on a semester schedule, programs offered at Miller-Motte College start every five to ten weeks. This offers applicants more flexibility in choosing when to begin their program.    

Our rolling admissions process also means students can apply and be accepted to the college at any time throughout the year, rather than being limited to a specific application deadline. This makes it more convenient for students to start their academic journey without having to wait for a new semester to begin.   


#4: Some Entrance Exams Can Be Waived 

Once an applicant has applied to their desired program, they may need to complete an entrance exam. This exam determines if an applicant may need more assistance throughout their program. If so, this exam highlights areas for improvement.  

We also offer a Technology for Success supplemental orientation to help applicants gain confidence using technology before starting their studies. 

Those enrolling in programs other than our Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class A program must take the SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator and earn at least a 65% on the Individual Attributes section. Those enrolling in the CDL program don’t have to take this exam. 

Additionally, those enrolling in our Surgical Technology program must pass the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) with a score of 18 or higher. However, if an applicant holds an associate’s degree or higher from another school and submits a copy of this document, they may have the SLE requirement waived. 


#5: Our Admissions Process Includes Financial Aid* Support  

We understand the cost of education can be daunting, but we want our students to have access to available resources so they can focus on their studies. Our Financial Services Officers are knowledgeable about tuition rates and fees, as well as financial assistance opportunities that may apply. They are available to guide students through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)* process and help them identify other options, such as scholarships or grants. 

 *Financial aid available for those who qualify. 


#6: Most Students Receive a Technology Package 

At Miller-Motte College, we want our students to have access to tools that can help them succeed in our programs. As such, we’ve included a technology package as part of the tuition cost for students in learning modes requiring online coursework*. This package includes a backpack, laptop computer, and wireless mouse to help students overcome potential technological barriers which could prevent them from accessing their work.  

Your success is our success, and we hope the technology package makes reaching your goals more accessible. 

*Students enrolled in our CDL program are ineligible for this package as coursework is completed 100% in-person. 


Your Success Matters to Us 

Although the admissions process may seem daunting, our team is here to guide you along the way. At Miller-Motte College, our top priority is the success of our students. That is why our admissions team works to provide applicants with access to the information and resources to make the best decision regarding their education and goals. Whether answering questions about our programs or providing assistance during the admissions and enrollment processes, our team is ready to answer questions an applicant may have about MMC. 

We want prospective applicants to understand their options and how our programs can help. We want them to feel confident in their decision to attend Miller-Motte College. Our Admissions Representatives are available to answer any questions and provide support.  

Ready to get started? Submit this form for more information or call us at (800) 705-9182.