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Miller-Motte College Debuts Bachelor of Science Degrees in Marketing and Human Resource Management

(CHATTANOOGA, TN) January 16, 2023  – Miller-Motte College (MMC) has debuted online Bachelor of Science Degrees in Marketing and Human Resource Management to students across the country. Both fields are reported to grow 810% by 2031, faster than the average for all occupations.


The Marketing program will focus on the management and use of research, planning, analysis, consumer communication, business relations, integrated marketing, and decision-making techniques including current issues and trends involving digital and social media platforms. These skill sets can help students land some of the most sought after roles such as communications managers, brand managers, or content strategists.* Marketing also provides opportunities to work remotely, which has become a new incentive for job seekers. In 2021, remote jobs in marketing increased by 177%, according to a LinkedIn study.


In The Wall Street Journal’s report of the Most Promising Careers of the Next Decade, marketing managers ranked 11th out of 800 occupations in the U.S. for its projected annual job opportunities.  In the same report, human resource management secured 35th in rank.


The Human Resources Management program will prepare students in managerial roles, supporting core functions of an organization in planning, coordination, and direct administrative assistance. Students will also have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff; consult with organizational leadership on strategic planning; and serve as a link between an organization’s management and its employees.


“Right now, there’s an appetite to fill meaningful roles in these industries,” said Andrea Snow, SVP of Academics & Career Services at Ancora Education, parent company to Miller-Motte College. “Employees are looking to upskill and add more to their resume, especially with such a large pool of career advancement opportunities. We’re excited to offer more options for our students to help them reach their goals.” 


Earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing or Human Resource Management from Miller-Motte College provides students with flexible online learning. Enrollment is on a rolling basis with classes beginning every 5 to 10 weeks and these programs can be completed within 33 months. 


Marketing students will receive education and training on relevant skills, including:  


  • Applying theory to understand buyer behavior, define target markets, identify and evaluate market segments, and demonstrate knowledge of the marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion).
  • Understanding the impact of competition, market forces and other external factors on the success and failure of specific marketing programs. 
  • Using market research tools and procedures to estimate market potential, conduct exploratory and descriptive research, forecast demand, and communicate research findings effectively. 
  • Demonstrating a working knowledge of the technological, web-based, and global developments that are changing the scope of the marketing discipline. 
  • Digital technologies or web-based solutions for marketing planning. 
  • Analysis and critical-thinking with direct application to business/marketing environments. 


Human Resource Management students will receive education and training on relevant skills, including:


  • Applying theory to understand all functional human resources areas. 
  • Planning, coordinating, and directing the administrative human resources functions of an organization.
  • Employee benefit programs planning and oversight processes. 
  • Determining appropriate practices and strategies for ethical human resources management decision-making and behavior.
  • Utilizing tools and procedures to plan and coordinate an organization’s workforce to best use employees’ talents. 
  • Demonstrating analytical and critical-thinking skills with direct application to human resources management environments. 


*Miller-Motte College does not guarantee employment or salary.


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