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MMC Online Programs Available for Charlotte Residents

Online learning provides flexibility and instant access to courses and programs otherwise beyond a student’s reach. Programs offered at schools located in different cities or states can be accessed anywhere there’s a mobile device or computer connected to the internet. Online learning allows students access to their dream programs without requiring students to relocate.

At Miller-Motte College, we aim to provide quality, career-focused programs to our students regardless of location or learning mode. Our online programs provide career-focused content in a convenient format. Our online programs also include a technology package as part of our online students’ program cost.

What is Online Learning?

Online learning is also called virtual learning, e-learning, distance learning, remote learning, and distance education. This learning mode allows students to complete their education over the internet rather than attending traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms. It also allows students to access course materials and submit assignments using tablets, iPads, smartphones, and computers.

Online learning can be in the form of synchronous learning or asynchronous learning. Synchronous online learning requires students to access courses at specific times. This form of online learning requires students to interact with instructors and lectures in real-time through chats or video.

Asynchronous online learning allows students to access coursework and material whenever they have the time. This form of online learning at MMC is deadline-driven to ensure students complete coursework in a timely manner. Despite being deadline-driven, students in this form of online learning can study at their own convenience.

As of March 2023, Miller-Motte College’s online programs are only available in an asynchronous format.

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Traditional Learning vs. Online Learning

Traditional learning and online learning are two approaches to education.

Traditional learning requires students to attend brick-and-mortar classrooms for lectures, participation, and assignments. This approach provides students with a set learning schedule and environment. Students have access to physical labs, libraries, as well as face-to-face instructor and peer interaction.

Despite being the dominant form of education, traditional learning has several drawbacks. Working students or students with transportation issues may have trouble sticking to the rigid learning schedule. This could cause students to take time away from school until their circumstances change.

Traditional learning can also limit a student’s learning opportunities to programs and schools in their local area.

Online learning is an alternative to traditional learning. It can provide the same course content but allows students more ways to interact with and access course materials. It can also allow students to complete course requirements without worrying about transportation or scheduling conflicts.

Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning can offer students more program and school options than traditional learning. Students no longer have to physically relocate to access educational opportunities beyond their current community. It also allows students to access course materials and submit assignments wherever they have internet access.

Online learning allows students to overcome barriers which may prevent students from committing to and reaching their educational goals. Asynchronous online learning allows students to study and complete coursework at their convenience. This makes it easier for students to complete their education without compromising other responsibilities such as work or caregiving.

Online Learning with Miller-Motte College

All Miller-Motte College students have access to tutoring services, career services, and general advising services. Students can build a professional, supportive network of peers during their studies. Our supportive staff provides student assistance while our instructors provide feedback and guidance based on their industry experience and knowledge.

Online students also receive a technology package which includes a backpack, wireless mouse, and Chromebook. There is no additional cost, as the price of this package is already included in the cost of the program.

Online MMC Programs for Charlotte Residents

For over 100 years, Miller-Motte College has remained a trusted name in vocational education across North Carolina. Our career-focused programs are available in hybrid and in-person learning modes in Fayetteville, Jacksonville, Raleigh, and Wilmington. Charlotte residents also have access to our suite of online programs offered by our Chattanooga campus.

Charlotte residents can earn their Associate of Applied Science degree online in:

  • Business Administration
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • IT Support Specialist and
  • Pharmacy Technician

These programs can be completed in as little as 18 months.

Charlotte residents can earn their Bachelor’s degree online in:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Cyber Security
  • Health Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • IT Management
  • Marketing

These programs can be completed in as little as 30-33 months, depending on the program.

Charlotte residents may also enroll in our online Medical Billing & Coding program. This program can be completed in 15 months and graduates are awarded a diploma.

Please note: Students in our online Business Administration, Healthcare Information Technology, and Medical Billing and Coding programs are ineligible for externship opportunities. Externship opportunities are only available for programs offered as a hybrid or an in-person learning mode.

Interested in learning more about the Miller-Motte online programs available for Charlotte residents? Complete and submit this form or call us at (800) 705-9182.

In Summary

Online learning provides vast opportunities for academic and professional growth. It can help expand a student’s network, program options, and skillset without uprooting their entire lives. It can also give students more control over how, where, and when they learn.

Online learning provides a flexible alternative for students with additional responsibilities or barriers. It allows education to work with a student’s circumstances which makes education more accessible and convenient to students.

Miller-Motte offers career-focused content regardless of learning mode. Miller-Motte College’s technology package also helps students overcome technological barriers which may negatively impact online learning.

Miller-Motte provides a variety of support services to help students reach their goals as they complete our programs. Although our online programs are asynchronous, students have access to support from their first day with Miller-Motte.

Charlotte residents can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree online in 18 months for:

  • Business Administration
  • Cyber Security
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • IT Support Specialist and
  • Pharmacy Technician

Charlotte residents may also complete our online Medical Billing and Coding diploma program in 15 months.

Ready to earn your Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree online as you train for a new career? Call us at (800) 705-9182 or complete and submit this form.

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