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What is Technology?

The Impact of Technology

The influence of technology is felt in our everyday lives and across nearly every industry. It’s responsible for protecting our data, building user-friendly web pages, and helping our offices run smoothly. Tech professionals are the masterminds behind advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI) software and mobile application development.
AI has streamlined decision-making processes, and mobile apps have made services more accessible. Tech programs help students build unique and highly valued skills that can be applied to various career paths. Students can develop the skills to create cutting-edge technology such as machine learning algorithms.

Defining Technology

Technology can be broadly defined as the use of computers and technology to manage, process, and disseminate information. Technology encompasses a range of specialties, including cyber security and IT Support. It’s essential to businesses, covering tasks such as data storage, communication, software development, network administration, and system security.
Technology is increasingly important in both personal lives and remote work operations. Our reliance on digital tools has increased the need for effective IT systems. Online services such as cloud computing are becoming increasingly popular for their cost-effective and convenient applications.

Why Choose a Technology Program?

The increased dependency on technology in businesses offers tech program graduates a wide range of career opportunities. This versatile degree can lead to roles across industries. The dynamic nature of technology provides continual learning opportunities, so you can stay on top of the latest tech trends.
A technology program also offers the chance to learn how to improve business operations or create applications that can change lives. Tech program graduates can specialize in various areas such as cyber security, network operations, or data analytics.
With an increased focus on remote working and digital collaboration, skills like communication, problem-solving, and project management are essential.
Technology Programs at Miller-Motte
Miller-Motte is proud to offer hybrid and online technology programs. Each training program aims to prepare students for various tech specializations. Learning modes for each tech program may vary by location.
We offer career-focused training programs in:

Cloud Computing

In our Cloud Computing program, students study the design, deployment, and management of computing resources provided over the internet. They learn to develop and execute cloud strategies that can drive business operations. This program equips graduates with the expertise to leverage cloud computing to maximize efficiency in a variety of businesses.

This bachelor’s degree program can be completed online in 33 months through our Chattanooga, TN campus.

Computer Science

In our Computer Science program, students can study core concepts of computational theory, programming languages, and algorithmic design. They can train to develop, test, and debug software applications, as well as study the impact of technology on individuals and society. The program aims to equip students with the expertise to create innovative computing solutions for diverse challenges.

This bachelor’s degree program can be completed online in 33 months through our Chattanooga, TN campus.

Cyber Security

In our Cyber Security program, students train to protect information systems from potential cyber threats. They study how to identify, prevent, and counteract different types of cyber-attacks. This program equips graduates with the advanced skills to ensure the privacy, integrity, and accessibility of data in digital environments.

Those interested in this program can choose between our associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree options. Our associate’s degree Cyber Security program can be completed in 18 months. Our bachelor’s degree Cyber Security program can be completed in 33 months.

Both versions are available online through our Chattanooga, TN campus.

Data Management

Our Data Management program focuses on the proper handling, storage, and usage of data. It covers data creation, processing, securing, and archiving to maintain data quality and accessibility. This prepares graduates to help businesses effectively analyze data, gain insights, and make informed business decisions.

This bachelor’s degree program can be completed online in 33 months through our Chattanooga, TN campus.

IT Management

In our IT Management program, students train to oversee and manage IT operations within a business. Students focus on strategy, implementation, project management, and decision-making. Students deepen their understanding of technology infrastructure and server administration. This program equips graduates to be effective IT leaders capable of aligning technology initiatives with business goals.

This bachelor’s degree program can be completed online in 33 months through our Chattanooga, TN campus.

IT Support Specialist

In our IT Support Specialist program, students develop an understanding of fundamental IT concepts as well as hardware and software troubleshooting. Students practice diagnosing and resolving common technology issues while providing excellent client support. This program prepares graduates to resolve common hardware, software, and printer issues in a variety of businesses.

This program is available as an online or hybrid learning mode. Our hybrid IT Support Specialist programs are available through our Augusta, GA and Columbus, GA campuses. Our online IT Support Specialist program is available through our Chattanooga, TN campus.

Our hybrid and online programs can be completed in as little as 18 months.

Network Operations and Security

In our Network Operations and Security program, students gain an in-depth understanding of network design, administration, and security protocols. They can practice designing, implementing, and managing secure networks to protect data and optimize network performance. This program prepares graduates to safeguard a business’ data against potential cyber threats.

This bachelor’s degree program can be completed online in 33 months through our Chattanooga, TN campus.

Software Development

In our Software Development program, students practice designing, developing, and implementing functional software solutions to meet diverse needs. Students can practice reading programming languages and developing mobile applications. This program equips students with the skills to transform initial concepts into fully operational software applications.

This bachelor’s degree program can be completed online in 33 months through our Chattanooga, TN campus.

Next Steps

Miller-Motte offers various technology programs to prepare graduates for entry-level careers in tech. We aim to equip each graduate with the skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen tech specialization.

Interested in learning more about our technology programs? Visit our website or submit this form for more information.